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About US

Welcome to Doc Octagon! What is Doc Octagon? Excellent question. It’s a new kind of MMA site cooked up for you by the folks at the FanSided Network, one of the biggest independent online sports networks in the world.

Here’s what it is not: your typical straight-laced, “just the facts, ma’am,” newsy MMA site. The MMA world has grown so incredibly fast that you can get your news anywhere. You probably are more likely to get your MMA news from Twitter or Facebook than a blog at this point. We realize that. One thing that is not nearly as widely available, however, is entertaining, humorous, thought-provoking original MMA content. We say let the Gracies teach you about the complexities of gogoplatas — we’re here to entertain you. That’s our goal: to become one of the most ENTERTAINING pound-for-pound MMA sites on the planet. We want to ground-and-pound you with laughter until you tap.

We’re going to focus on what goes down inside the Octagon, but we will also focus just as much on what’s happening outside the cage. There will be a lot of outstanding written content on Doc Octagon, but also expect a lot of visual content. Like the best fighters in the world, we are going to be extremely versatile and promise to always keep you on your toes. Thanks for reading!


Israel Soliz – Editor

Israel Gonzalez – Staff Writer

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  • For all general inquiries about the site, its content or its writers, contact us at this email.
  • For all editorial and marketing/advertising inquiries, contact FanSided senior editor Adam Best.
  • For all business and technical inquiries, please contact business director Zach Best.