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Luke Rockhold: 'His body will fall apart; it’s too frail'

This past weekend, Luke Rockhold didn’t hold back with his thoughts about Vitor Belfort.

Talking to the media, Rockhold made a series of comments ranging from his thoughts on TRT use in MMA to whether or not Belfort will even make it to his UFC middleweight bout with Chris Weidman at UFC 181 on December 6.

On whether or not Belfort will fight on December 6:

“I just don’t think Vitor is going to make it to the fight (with Chris Weidman at UFC 181). So I’m going to be ready.”

“If he’s clean and healthy, he’ll probably get injured. His body will fall apart; it’s too frail. He’s been doing this s–t for too long. And if he realizes he can’t compete off of it, he’s probably going to try to slip something in and he’s going to get popped with a test.”

On the Nevada State Athletic Commission giving Belfort a license to fight:

“Yeah, (the NSAC was too easy on him). You get guys like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong, and these guys get erased from the record books and never come back to the sport. They’re gone; they’re forgotten. Then you got guys like Vitor Belfort that get slapped on the wrist and rewarded with a title shot. It’s a joke in my mind. He got caught early for steroids in Nevada, got popped after this whole stint in Brazil. I owned up, I took my loss, no excuses. But then he comes back, and the one time he tries to fight in the States, he fails the test. That right there, I’ve got no respect from him.”

On PEDs in MMA:

“I’m not a fan of steroid use in MMA. This isn’t a game; this is hand-to-hand combat. We’re not hitting balls; we’re not racing bikes. We could possibly kill each other, and for guys to be chemically enhanced on PEDs, it’s not right.”

And finally, his thoughts on PEDs when it comes to Belfort:

“I knew who he was way before (I fought him in Brazil). I knew when he was 18 and came in as a heavyweight in the UFC. The guy’s been…it’s obvious. Anybody who knows the sport and understands it, they know what he’s been doing his whole career, from the start.”

Rockhold was knocked out from a kick by Belfort in the opening round of their May 2013 bout, but did not blame TRT or PED use by Belfort for that loss.

It’s good that Rockhold didn’t blame anything illegal for his loss to Belfort because that loss was because of a perfectly placed kick by Belfort landing in the best possible way at the exact right moment, that’s all.

Rockhold also told the media this past Saturday that he will be ready to step in should Belfort not be able to fight on December 6.

Weidman/Belfort is around four months away. That is plenty of time for the injury bug or, if you’re thinking matches Rockhold’s, other events to take shape and once again change a scheduled title bout between Weidman and Belfort.

Remember, Belfort was supposed to challenge Weidman at UFC 175, but Belfort pulled out of the bout one day after the NSAC’s decision to ban TRT.

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