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Holly Holm Will Not Beat Ronda Rousey

I know a lot of fight fans are excited that the UFC has signed Holly Holm but I have some bad news for them. There is no way that she will beat Ronda Rousey. In fact I’m not sure there is any woman on the planet that can beat Rousey.

I’m sure that Holly Holm will be billed as the latest “biggest challenge” to Ronda Rousey but it will all just be hype. As much as I like Holm I just don’t think she has what it takes to compete with Rousey.

At one point I thought Holm had an advantage over Rousey in the striking department but now I’m not so sure. The way that Rousey has improved form fight to fight is astounding. There was never any doubt that her ground game was superior to every other woman fighter in MMA but now her striking is on par with the best.

I would say that Rousey and Holm are now equal in the striking department. And Holly Holm has zero ground game. Do you see where I’m going with this? Once Rousey gets her on the ground it is all over.

After Rousey’s 16 second destruction of Alexis Davis at UFC 175 it was pretty clear that she was head and shoulders above every woman in the division. Dana White & Co. realized that they can no longer sell us Rousey fights and expect us to believe that the opponent has any chance against the champ. So they went out and signed Holm.

Holly Holm is undefeated but she has never faced the likes of Rousey. A match with any other fighter in the UFC women’s division would be competitive but a title fight would treat us to another lopsided result.

Ronda Rousey will lose her title some day but it won’t be to Holly Holm.

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