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It’s Time To Stop Complaining About Fight Pass


UFC Fight Pass is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere and it is only going to get bigger. Does that bother you? If it does, I’m sorry. If you are one of the many Fight Pass Haters out there then you life is going to get worse in the coming years.

I am constantly hearing about how horrible the UFC’s new digital network is and why people will never pay $10 a month for the service. All the hatred and vitriol boils down to two main arguments.

The Cards On Fight Pass Are No Good

This could not be further from the truth. Sure, there are very few “big name” fighters competing on these cards but the majority of the fights are good. Take the recent Fing Night Auckland that happened this last Saturday. Of the rem fights on the card six ended up with finishes. All the fights were competitive.

Those people that complain about not enough big name fighters need to understand that those big names were once “no names.” Those of us who have Fight Pass got to see the UFC debut of 19-year old Jake Matthews. This kid could very well become a superstar in the next few years and we got to see him first on Fight Pass.

The future of the UFC is here and they are fighting on Fight Pass.

$10 A Month Is Too Much To Pay

I’m really at a loss for this one. It could be that many MMA fans are used to getting everything for free but $10 is not a lot to pay for fights. This is about the same price for a good six-pack of beer or lunch at a fast food place or a movie ticket. This is not a lot of money.

I think many people are refusing to pay on principle.They don’t want to give Dana White any more money than he already has. They accuse him of being greedy and trying to squeeze every last nickel out of the fans. There are plenty of greedy businessmen out there that they will happily give their money to, though. If you guy gasoline you are supporting some of the most evil corporations on earth. Dana White can be a total prick but giving him $10 a month in exchange for some excellent content is a transaction I’m will to make.

You don’t have to spend the money for Fight Pass just as you don’t have to pay for cable TV or Netflix or Spotify but if you don’t you will be missing out on a lot. But at least you will still be able to complain about it.

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