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Twitter Fight! Gegard Mousasi And Tim Kennedy Throw Down


If you believe everything you read on Twitter (and I do) then it seems like Gegard Mousasi and Tim Kennedy really want to fight each other. I have to admit I love it when any two celebrities get into a pissing match on social media. And when two actual fighters go at it, it’s like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. I love it.

Gegard Mousasi is coming off an impressive win over Mark Munoz at UFC Fight Night 41 and Kennedy is coming of a solid victory over Michael Bisping so the two have a bit of heat on them. The 185 division is pretty stacked but these two fighters should be moving up the rankings. Mousasi asked for a fight against either Kennedy or Luke Rockhold after his victory over Munoz.

So let’s take a look at this Twitter beef. It started innocently enough with Kennedy tweeting out:

This was just an observation on Kennedy’s part. Nothing really out of the ordinary. But then he went for the Funny Personal Attack:

Of course, Mousasi had to respond. The honor of his chest hair was at stake:

Then Kennedy responded:

And I have to agree with Kennedy here, why include all those people? And I feel kind of hurt that Gegard Mousasi didn’t include Doc Octagon in that tweet.

Then Tim Kennedy dropped the hammer:

This was pretty much the knockout blow. If Herb Dean were refereeing this Twitter fight he would have stopped it.

To his credit, Mousasi did try to come back:

It was an okay effort but the damage was done. Tim Kennedy won this round and I’m sure if these two ever step into the cage against each other their real fight will be just as entertaining as their Twitter fight.

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