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Andre Pederneiras: 'We are asking for an immediate rematch'

Less than 48 hours ago, T.J. Dillashaw pulled off one of the biggest upsets in a title fight in UFC history. Considered a longshot to win even a round from former champ Barao, the new champ outclassed the Brazilian and earned the stoppage win midway through the final round.

Despite the fact that the fight wasn’t even close, Barao’s coach, Andre Pederneiras, stated in an interview with No Mundo da Luta (transcribed by MMA Fighting) that they would seek out an immediate rematch.

“We’re asking for an immediate rematch. It’s fair, and we’re looking a way to do it. It can’t happen in less than five or six months, but I think that’s how long T.J. is going to be out. Everybody wants to see another fight between them, since it was the fight of the night.”

As for the potential rematch, Pederneiras already has an exact date and location in mind. UFC 179 is set to take place at Ginásio do Maracanãzinho on October 25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“The ideal would be bringing this fight to Brazil. There’s going to be a big event here in Brazil, apparently in October in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s see is these guys are man enough to fight Barao in his house.”

Fighters tend to handle adversity faced in the cage, differently. Barao, who hadn’t found himself on the defensive in quite a bit of time, experienced what it was like to fight from behind. In the very first round, Dillashaw dropped Barao, and according to Pederneiras, Barao simply never recovered.

“After the first knockdown, Renan couldn’t get into the fight anymore and he went dizzy with every blow. Even between the rounds, when we were talking to him, he wasn’t even looking at us.”

Just like fighters handle adversity differently, so to do they apply what their coaches tell them after every round. Most of the time, fighters are able to make adjustments based on what they are told. However, in this case, Barao was one of the exceptions. The reason for this simple: Barao was badly hurt.

“After the first round, we told him not to trade with (Dillashaw) so he could recover, but it was like we had told him ‘go there and trade punches with him’ because that’s exactly what he did. He kept fighting and asked us who was winning the fight before the fifth. When the fight was over, he asked us what happened, if he won or if he lost.”

While Barao will certainly ask for a rematch, Raphael Assuncao may have something to say about it, considering he already has a victory over Dillashaw.

Izzy’s Input

I really love watching Barao fight and I am just as shocked that he loss as all of you are, but Pederneiras questioning whether or not Dillashaw would be man enough to fight Barao in Brazil is ridiculous. Barao was outclassed, plain and simple.

A change of scenario, contrary to popular belief, won’t be a factor in how a potential second fight ends. If Barao is going to regain his title, it’ll be because he is the better fighter. Anyway, I’m all for Barao getting a rematch, after all, he was unbeaten in 33 fights dating back to April 2005.

Although Assuncao deserves a title shot, Barao’s winning streak prior to this loss, cannot be ignored. Whether fairly or not, Dillashaw is in the same situation that Chris Weidman found himself in after defeating Anderson Silva the first time. Fluky or not, Dillashaw will more than likely have another opportunity to prove that he is a better fighter than Barao.

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