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Enough Nick Diaz, Enough


Stockton’s favorite son is at it again. Nick Diaz is shooting his mouth off but not really deciding to step into the octagon for an actual fight. Nick Diaz made himself available during the whole extravaganza that was UFC 171 to all the media present but was mysteriously vacant from the actual fight card.

He was seen heckling Johny Hendricks while Hendricks was trying to make weight and was reportedly running around after the event telling every reporter present that he was “ready to fight.”

Let’s just suppose for a moment that Nick Diaz actually wants to fight. What has he actually done in the last few months to indicate that he is actually ready and willing to step into the octagon? Other than taking to Twitter or showing up at UFC events or smoking the hippie lettuce there hasn’t been much to prove that Nick Diaz is ready to face any fighter.

Diaz had this to say about his absence from actually fighting, “I’ve had pretty good training this year, regardless of no fights, no camps. I’ve jumped in and out of camps.”

I’m sure he has probably competed in a few triathlons as well but that doesn’t mean he is ready to compete for the welterweight championship.

Nick Diaz needs to realize that his shtick is running thin and he needs to step into the cage of walk away. Anyone can sit in the cheap seats and snipe away. If he is truly the warrior that he thinks he is he needs to actually fight.

If he doesn’t he is no better than MMA Bar Guy who thinks he is the best and can take down every fighter who is actually  in the cage fighting.

At this point Nick Diaz is a joke, a shadow of his former self, a fighter who has been passed by. He is on the verge of obscurity.

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