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Gilbert Melendez Compares The UFC To Bellator On Contract Offers

Gilbert Melendez (22–3) spoke to the MMA hour and here are the highlights about him signing with the UFC over Bellator:

Is he a millionaire now? “Everyone thinks I’m this millionaire or something now,” “But that’s not the case.”

UFC’s contract compared to Bellator’s contract and how he shook up the MMA world: “People were encouraging me,” Melendez said of other fighters who took time to reach out to him. “I know they were happy for me, their own experiences, my intentions weren’t to try to start start anything, I’m glad everyone was behind me, everyone does what they have to do, but my goal wasn’t to start any sort of commotion, this was standard business.”

“They’re like contract years, you know,” Melendez said. “You better deliver when you’re on your contract year and that definitely was on my mind, you know, in that third round and during that fight and I had to win and I had to deliver and prove my worth. That was my goal in that fight.”

“I don’t know how things work all the time,” Melendez said of his team’s approach to contract negotiations, “but I don’t think some of that stuff needs to be public, that was for me to talk about with my management team and for me to talk to the UFC and all that

“I knew the way we were going to approach it,” he continued. “I didn’t think it needed to be out there or any controversy behind it, I just didn’t want any outside influence. It’s always a delicate situation, and handled delicately, sometimes under the radar is the way to do it.”

Talking to Lorenzo Fertitta after receiving Bellator’s offer: “Lorenzo did hop on the phone and expressed passion for sport and how much he wanted me to be part of it,” Melendez said. “I really appreciate that. The things he said on the phone, it’s business of course, but ultimately he has a real passion for the sport, and of course, my passion for the sport as well, you try to put your emotions aside during this transition and this business deal, but emotions did come out a little bit, but I did appreciate his passion for the sport. It was a turning point, I like what he said, he made me feel good, he made me feel welcome there.”

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