Diego Nunes On Three Fight Losing Streak, Discusses His Loss At Bellator 110

Diego Nunes (18–6) recently spoke about his Bellator 110 loss and more. Here are the highlights:

On His Bellator 110 Loss: “When the fight was over, I was confident I had won. When I lose, I admit it. I know he definitely won the second round with that hard punch he landed, but I know I won the first and third rounds. But what can I do? Cry over spilled milk? Unfortunately it happened.”

On What’s Next: “I needed a victory to get my confidence and my rhythm back,” he said. “Then I expected to keep that upswing going throughout the tournament. Now I lower my head and wait to see what God has planned for me. If it was up to me, I could stop fighting right away. But I don’t know what’s in store.”

On Needing to Fix His Mental Game: “I need to have my head in the right place first,” Nunes said. “I have a history. I’m known as being stubborn. I’m very persistent until I get a win. I’m a little crazy. I can’t even sleep when I’m like that. I keep obsessing about it. I may be discouraged now, but soon enough, I’ll go stir-crazy at home. I’ll be looking to smash something, to take people down – soon. As a normal human being, I would stop today. But as a fighter, I can’t stop.”

In his last five fights he is 1-4 and currently on a three fight losing streak.

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