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Dong Hyun Kim Wants A Win After Knocking Out John Hathaway

After knocking out John Hathaway at The Ultimate Fighter China final, Dong Hyun Kim (19-2-1 MMA, 10-2) UFC has his eyes on the prize. Check it out below:

On his next opponent: “It doesn’t matter who my opponent’s going to be. There’s no changing now. Koreans are tough fighters. I’m going to continue to press on no matter what, and I’m not going to be afraid of losses. I don’t really care who the opponent is going to be. When it comes to grappling and wrestling, I’m one of the best. I have no problem going up against Johny Hencricks. When it comes to wrestling, I don’t think anybody can take me down. When it comes to striking, whoever gets knocked out will get knocked out. But I can assure you that when I hit somebody, I will be sure to knock them out.”

On changing the way he fights to get a title shot: “I’ve continued to stack up some wins, but I wasn’t given a title shot. So I decided to change the way I fight and become much more aggressive. Hopefully I’ll continue to get noticed and get a shot at the title.”

On being surprised by Hathaway: “He kind of surprised me with his wrestling skill. I think he’s a pretty good fighter and a good opponent, but he’s had a lot of time off. That perhaps was the reason why he wasn’t as sharp. Going in, I had a game plan that I was going to concentrate more on striking.”

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