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Tim Kennedy, Brian Stann & Travis Browne Comment On The Ban Of TRT

Several UFC fighters have commented on the ban of TRT in Nevada and here is what they had to say:

Brian Stann on banning of TRT: “I knew the day would come at some point that we would wake up and realize how ridiculous it is (to grant TUEs for TRT). We depend on multiple organizations to support the sport, from the UFC to Bellator to World Series of Fighting, to athletic commissions, to the press. We’re all part of bringing the sport further, and this is a huge step. When you’ve got major media outlets comparing us to major sports and we’re smaller, and we’ve got something like this staining us, it’s huge that they got it taken care of before something happened, like what happened in Major League Baseball.”

Tim Kennedy’s thoughts on public users of TRT: “I don’t care. I hope they leave. I’ve always said if you failed a steroid test, I thought it was ridiculous that you could get a TRT exemption, let alone continue to fight in the sport. In cycling, if you fail a steroid test, you can have a lifetime ban from the sport. This is a step in the right direction, but athletes that have tested positive for anabolic steroids, they need to go away and stop dirtying our sport.”

Kennedy on if Vitor Belfort should have to retire: “If he can’t fight clean, then yes.”

Travis Browne’s thoughts on the banning TRT: “We’re all physically build different, and that’s part of our bodies (with) our testosterone levels. I want an 84-inch reach. But at the end of the day, I can’t get it. Just because something is available to you in a synthetic form doesn’t mean that it’s OK to take it. If you want the fight to be completely fair, it’s not about raising the testosterone levels to what you think is fair. Your body produces a certain level. Your levels are at those levels for a reason. The way that it was argued (with the NSAC) was a health issue. For me, I’m not about someone not being healthy. But when it comes to competition, I don’t feel like you should be able to use (TRT). There are guys that party, smoke weed, and do whatever else they want to do. But on fight night, you’re not allowed to do that stuff. You need to be you on fight night. If you’re going through your life and you have low testosterone and you’re having problems with your health or your marriage, that’s fine. Do it in your normal life. But not in the cage. Not in the octagon.”

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