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GSP: Rory MacDonald Deserves Title Shot


Does Rory MacDonald really deserve a title shot? According to Georges St Pierre, the answer is a resounding, “YES.”

“I do believe Rory deserves the next title shot,” St-Pierre said. “I think he deserves it, and I do believe Rory will be champion.”

GSP also said that he would never fight Rory MacDonald, a fighter that he trained with and helped mentor throughout is UFC career.

“I was not interested in fighting Rory, and Rory was not interested in fighting me,” St-Pierre said. “Rory is my friend. He’s like a brother to me, a training partner. I wish him the best of luck, and if he’s going to fight for the belt, I’m going to be in the gym to help him.”

MacDonald recently took to Twitter to politely ask for a title shot.




To me MacDonald has not quite lived up to all the hype surrounding him. On paper he has the perfect pedigree. He has trained in MMA since he was a little kid. It has been said time and again that he is part of the new generation of fighters that have trained MMA from the get go. They are not wrestlers or boxers that decided to get into MMA.

MacDonald has trained with MMA legend Georges St. Pierre and seemed the heir apparent. But I just don’t see the desire coming from Rory MacDonald. Sometimes I wonder how much a really wants to be champ. I hope he has a great career and becomes a champion. But right now I just don’t see it.

Let me know hat you think. Am I wrong in my assessment of Rory MacDonald? Leave a comment down below and I will respond.

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