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In a recent interview CBC News Canada former UFC champion Georges St. Pierre revealed that he struggles with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

GSP said that the OCD did have some benefits while he was fighting.

“As a fighter it’s a good thing to have it, because it makes you better because you completely obsess about being a better martial artist,”

“Everything you do is oriented around that goal. But the same thing could be bad for a normal person in normal life.”

“It was going to drive me crazy. That’s why I took that break,” he said. “I had my first New Year’s and Christmas with my family, a real one. I don’t have to go away because I have a fight coming up.”

The Canadian superstar fighter went on to explain that he must keep his OCD in mind if he ever wants to stage a comeback

“I will be happy doing it again until the obsessiveness takes over and makes me unhappy again,” he said.

This admission might better explain GSP’s odd post-fight comments after he beat John Hendricks where he stated he needed some time off from MMA.

Mental health issues don’t get much attention in professional athletics. We are tight to believe that pro athletes are tough and can deal with anything. In truth, they are just like you and me. They have problems. They suffer just like up.

With GSP stepping forward he may encourage other athletes to feel free to discuss the issues they are dealing with.

I’m sure there will be some people who will take this opportunity to make fun of GSP for being “weak” or “soft.” That’s fine. What they don’t understand is that it takes real courage to admit you are dealing with mental health issues.

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