Chuck Liddell Says More Fighters Should Go For Finishes

Heads up, former UFC light heavyweight champion and UFC hall of famer Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell (21–8) who is a big fan of Glover Teixeira (22–2) had some things to say about current MMA, Teixeira and more. Check it out below:

On comparisons between current fighters and fighters from his era: “You’re always going to have people comparing, but what it comes down to is, fighting is fighting.”

On Glover Teixeira and other fighters he likes: “Glover’s one of my favorites, but that has a personal thing to it. I like watching Anderson (Silva) fight, and I like watching (Johny) Hendricks fight. I like (Jose) Aldo – he’s a slick striker and he goes after it. I just really like guys who try to finish fights, whether you’re a ground-and-pound guy, if you’re a slick jiu-jitsu guy.”

On fighters going for decisions: “I can’t really speak for (other guys), but guys need to be themselves – be a fighter. Worrying about winning and losing, I don’t like playing safe. I never did. It still worked out for me. I guess it’s a different time. I understand both sides – I understand playing it safe, and from a coaching standpoint. But at some point, I like to watch guys try to finish fights. That’s what makes it entertaining for me.”

On what it’s like the week before a fight: “Fight week was always fun. The hard work had been done. It was just relaxing, hanging out with my friends and getting ready to go out and fight. I miss going in every day, talking before training and after training, hanging out, grabbing lunch – it was all a fun part of the game. Training’s the hard part. The fight’s the reward. If you don’t enjoy training and working out and doing the rest of it, that’s a rough life.”

It’s always cool to here from the older fighters and their spin on certain topics.

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