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Chael Sonnen Calls Wanderlei Silva & Blast Him Even More

Chael “P” Sonnen is coaching against Wanderlei “The Axe Murder” Silva on the Ultimate Fighter right now and they will face off at UFC Fight Night Brazil in a few months. Check out the latest cheap shot between the two.

I already have my next fight settled but two things need to happen. There is a fight that needs a specific result. I also need to get rid of this bum (Wanderlei).There are somethings happening now but I hope everything walks well for both sides, then I will have another fight aligned. In the middleweight division.


On his fight with Wanderlei Silva being moved to Fight Night Brazil: That was because of me. He wanted to fight in Las Vegas because is where he lives, his house is there. And I denied, I wanted to be in a neutral place. I’m a guest in Brazil but so is he.


The UFC thought I was kidding and I said no, I was not kidding. He abandoned these guys 15 years ago, Brazil is a neutral territory, we both are going to fly there, and the UFC said Ok.

Chael Sonnen is my favorite fighter and I really can’t wait for this fight and the season of TUF. The two have been going back and forth through different media sources and interviews. This could have been on PPV and been a huge draw for the UFC. However this fight will go down on TV which should get a good rating to say the least.

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