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Dana White Gives Anderson Silva Injury Update

Dana White said that he had talked to Anderson Silva‘s doctor on Saturday night:

“He showed me Silva’s bone tonight, and he said, ‘This is actually crazy. Look at all the bone growth that he has in eight weeks.’ He said sometimes you don’t see that kind of bone growth in people over a couple of years. Pretty crazy.”

“It’s very optimistic. We’ll see what happens. Anything can happen. He can hurt it again in training or anything is possible. He could start training and not feel the same. We’ll just see how it all plays out.”

Dana said that he and FC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta will get an idea of what Silva wants to do when they travel to Los Angeles to meet with Silva. This is an awesome story.

– Campbell McLaren, one of the founders of the UFC, spoke about the early days of the promotion. Here are highlights:

On who gets credit for making the UFC what it is: “What Dana and Lorenzo did is, they saw something that was maybe a little too focused on the spectacle, the wildness, the circus atmosphere, and said, ‘These could be great live events. This could be a world-class sport.’ What I did helped shape it and give it its basic DNA, and what they did is take it to a world-class level.”

On Dana White buying the company: “There was an old TV commercial, I think, for Remington shavers, and the guy who did the commercial said, ‘I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company’. I always think about Dana like that. Dana watched the first UFC. He looked at it and knew it was great.”

UFC 170 play-by-play results are in and go check them out.

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