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Mark Hunt Calls Out Alistair Overeem


Everyone’s favorite UFC heavyweight, Mark Hunt, has called out Alistair Overeem in a recent interview. “The Super Samoan” who lost to “The Reem” in 2008 at DREAM 5, wants another shot at the Dutchman.

“Rematches are always good. I’ve never lost a rematch with any fighter. I always like to avenge my losses, too. I saw Alistair in Japan (and) we were talking, he’s a nice guy but as a fighter, he’s got it over me, I’ve got to get it over this guy. It’s a match I’d like to have… the outcome won’t be the same.”

This would probably be a great fight and get the winner that much closer to a title shot.

Mark Hunt is still recovering from injuries suffered in his epic fight against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Overeem is nursing some injuries of his own.

With both fighters waiting to heal it should be a bit of a wait before this fight ever takes place. Hunt seems confident saying, “It won’t be the same as the last time.” Meaning that he intends to come out victorious.

Mark Hunt gained a lot of fans following his battle with Silva and if he can defeat Alistair Overeem he could easily become one of the most popular fighters in the world.

If Dana White is smart he will make this fight happen as soon as possible.

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