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Dana White Comments on Gilbert Melendez - Bellator Deal (Good Read)

UFC Prez Dana White talked with reporters on Thursday and here some highlights of when he was asked about Gilbert Melendez  going and signing with Bellator:

On the CEO of Bellator Bjorn Rebney: “That dude’s out of his f— mind,” he said.

Viacom: “Nobody can f—- deal with those guys,” White said. “Viacom will sue you til you f—— bleed. Sue you til you bleed. That’s a whole ‘nother ballgame over there. Everyone wants to talk like the UFC is bullies? They’re the f—– bullies over there. They’ve got these contracts you can’t get out of.”

“Gilbert’s out there testing the market,” White said Thursday. “Good for him. I don’t have any hard feelings for Gilbert Melendez.”

He does not understand why Gilbert is trying to join them: “Guys are trying to f—— get out of that place,” White said. “Guys are, they got these contracts you can’t get out of. Look at what they did to Eddie Alvarez. Eddie Alvarez fought once in like two years. They promised all kinds of things that they never had. The difference is, we don’t sue our fighters. We don’t f—, if a guy wants to try to move on with his career, and test the waters, we don’t sue them. We don’t jump in and start suing our fighters. People are trying to jump that shit, not jump out of that shit.

On other fighters leaving Bellator: “Do you think Chandler wants to be there?” White said. “Chandler’s sitting there thinking ‘I didn’t want to sign that f—— deal.'”

Pretty strong words from the UFC Prez and just a reminder, UFC 170 goes down this Saturday night on PPV.

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