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Daniel Cormier Compares Cain Velasquez To Other UFC Champions

Transitioning from Strikeforce to the UFC: “When I got in there, I was like, man, is this really where I belong?” Cormier said of their Sept. 10, 2011 matchup. “I was in there first, I had never been in there first before, they had made me go in second. I’m standing there first and out walks a giant. I’m like is this really where I belong?”

On Fighting Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva: “[Silva] didn’t put me away fast enough, so I start going ‘maybe this is where I belong,’ Cormier said. “So if I do that with Pat, he’ll start to gain confidence the longer I’m in there. I’m not giving him that chance. I’m going right at him and I’m going to beat him up from the start to the finish.”

On his training partner Cain Velasquez compared to other champions: “Cain came into the UFC with three fights,” Cormie said. “But he didn’t fight Frank Mir in his first fight in the UFC. Weidman was 5-0, but he didn’t fight Anderson Silva — I’m not calling myself Anderson Silva, just someone in the top of the division — in his first fight in the UFC. There’s a difference.”

Usually Daniel Cormier is not this out spoken about his upcoming fights or anything else. Yes he is on the UFC on Fox shows as an analyst, but he is fired up and ready to make that next jump to the champion level. I think that is the reasoning behind all the media appearances. UFC 170 goes down this Saturday night on PPV.

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