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Interesting NSAC Documents About Enhanced Drug Testing For UFC & MMA Fight's

Yahoo Sports caught up with Lorenzo Fertitta about enhanced drug testing in the UFC. Check it out down below:

Here are quotes from the Yahoo piece

Fertitta told Yahoo Sports that the UFC embraces regulation and has told commissions that it would pay to have any fighter it has under contract tested at any time. He said that offer would include as many fighters as the commission would want and said it would cover any test, including Carbon Isotope Ratio testing.

Francisco Aguilar, the new chairman of the Nevada Athletic Commission said this which is interesting to say the least:

“The UFC has been phenomenal to work with in regard to the enhanced testing of the athletes we’re looking to do,” Aguilar said. “All that has ever been communicated to us from Lorenzo, Lawrence [Epstein, the UFC's chief operating office] and Marc [Ratner, its vice president of regulatory affairs] is that they’re in favor of testing. At no point has the UFC ever pushed back on any testing request we’ve made. We just did an enhanced testing program with Travis Browne and Josh Barnett for their fight [in December at UFC 168] and the UFC was fully supportive and did what we asked.

“Not only haven’t they pushed back, they’ve been the opposite. They’ve told us they’ve been open to any and all testing and would gladly pay for whatever tests we wanted to do.”

The inner workings of how MMA is regulated are very interesting and this is just a sample of how things works on a day to day bases.

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