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UFC Fight Pass Needs To Include PPV Events


With the free trial of UFC Fight Pass coming to an end and recent news that the UFC has taken down a website that illegally streamed UFC pay per view (PPV) events it has come to my attention that UFC Fight Pass needs to step its game up.

UFC Fight Pass has been marketed as a “Netflix for fight fans” but if that is true it needs to be noted that Fight Pass does not have a House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black or any game changing content that will make fans want to shell out $10 every month.

As a fight fan and MMA journalist I signed up for the UFC Fight Pass as soon as it came out. I also pay $8 every month for Netflix. I can say, without a doubt, that I log into Netflix ten times as often as I do Fight Pass.

Don’t get me wrong, UFC Fight Pass has some good content but it does not have anything that I absolutely HAVE to see (like House Of Cards). Watching fight cards at 7am on a Saturday stuffed with fighters with no Wikipedia pages loses its luster very quickly.

The UFC has to include PPV events in the Fight Pass subscription if they want to build a fan base and make Fight Pass essential for MMA fans. They may not have to include it in the subscription like the WWE has done but they should at least offer a discount for Fight Pass subscribers.

It would not kill Dana White & Co. to offer a 50% on all UFC PPV events for Fight Pass subscribers. This would seriously increase their PPV buy rates and grow their fan base.

If people are already watching crappy, illegal UFC PPV events on their laptops let them pay a discounted price for an official stream.

The free trial for UFC Fight Pass ends at the end of this month. Right now I am not sure if I will continue my subscription. I know there are plenty of other MMA fans who are debating whether or not to continue as well. The UFC needs to decide what they want to do. Include PPV events as part of the Fight Pass experience and they will be successful beyond their wildest dreams. Continue with the path that they are on and Fight Pass will wind up like Blockbuster Video; out of business.

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