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Jon Jones Talks: Setting Sixth Title Defense, Boxing - MMA Comparisons

Jon Jones talked to reporters about his upcoming fight with Glover Teixeira and other things. Check it out below:

Comparing Boxing – MMA: “I’m not here to be somebody I’m not. This is our job, and I’m here to do the art the way that I do it, and I think there’s a lot of traditional martial artists out here that respect that we’re not being idiots and embarrassing martial arts. We’re carrying ourselves the way that martial artists carry themselves. Something about being a martial artist, in my mind, it’s respect.”


Fighting Glover Teixeira: “I respect what he’s done to people, and I know he respects what I’ve done to people.”


If he wins at UFC 172, he would set the record for sixth UFC light heavyweight title defense : “I honestly believe, as an artist, as a creative artist, that it’s not always in our control the way our performances are. I believe there’s an energy that comes over an artist that watches over them. Like being in the zone, you can’t always control being in the zone or even getting into the zone. You can be a person that trains every day, eats healthy, (be) so dedicated and just not get in the zone the right way, and that zone is something that’s kind of out of my control.”


How he feels when he is fighting inside the octagon: “My family said, ‘Jon, when you walk out the Octagon we get this feeling that something cool is about to happen. We feel like a power’, and they were saying ‘we just didn’t feel it from you. You just came out bland, flat, dry, you had nothing.’ I felt like I had nothing. I went out there and I performed very dry, very going through the motions, and that’s how I felt the entire time.”

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