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Anthony Johnson Talks: UFC Return, Phil Davis & Expectations

Anthony Johnson spoke with Bloody Elbow and here are some highlights to the interview:

UFC Return: There was just so much talk about where I was going to go after the fight, but I hadn’t put much thought into it myself. I went to the last UFC, and my manager and Joe Silva were eating at a table and I was at another table with my teammate, Abel Trujillo. My manager called me over and was like, ‘Welcome back to the UFC.’ I just shook my head and stayed calm. I had to make sure I seemed like I was hard and all that. I had to mean mug and stuff [laughs]. I had to get my serious face on. I looked at Joe Silva and shook his hand. He had this big smile on his face, and I couldn’t help myself and smiled back. I thanked him and just thought how blessed I am. I’m feeling more blessed than excited. I’ve been putting in the work and I’m dedicated and it’s paid off for me. I’m blessed to be back where I used to be, in my original home with the UFC.


PPV and Name Recognition: I’m not making that PPV money, but hopefully, one day I will. Right now, I’m so glad to be in the mix and give fans something to look forward to. I come to fight, and I think that’s key to making sure my fights aren’t boring. I just want to make sure that people know who this new guy is. The best way for me to do that is to keep training hard and fighting hard. I want to keep improving so that I keep people guessing about what I’m going to do.


Expectation: They haven’t said anything to me or laid out any specific guidelines. They haven’t brought up anything from the past. I just have to remain dedicated and focused and not buckle under the pressure that I put on myself because of the screw-ups that I’ve had in the past.


Phil Davis: He’s a beast and a workhorse. I mean, look at him, he’s like Mr. America. I’m excited to see what I can do against him and what he can do against me. I feel like his weakness is in his stand-up, but he makes up for that with awesome wrestling.


UFC 172 goes down April 26 and only on PPV. Check out the rest of the card here.

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