Jon Jones Talks About His Next Fight With Glover Teixeira & Future Opponents

Jon Jones with in Washington D.C yesterday and appeared on 106.7 The Fan. Check out the highlights:

Last Fight With Alexander Gustafsson: “My last fight I had a really tough fight. I just won by decision. I just squeaked out a victory. I’ve been humbled. It’s an empowering thing. It’s a scary thing for [my opponents]. Now I’m taking my job more seriously than ever.”


Future opponents: “It’s kind of a no-brainer. Anybody who pays attention to the sport knows who’s coming, you know who’s deserving. You’ve got to give Alexander Gustafsson the No. 1 contender spot behind Glover Teixeira. Then with the way Daniel Cormier has been performing, he’s top three at the heavyweight division. Let’s see how he competes at the light heavyweight division but with the tear he’s been on, if he can continue that, it’s unquestioned that he deserves a shot, as well.


“I really don’t like [Cormier] too much, but right now he’s coming across as being good for the sport. He’s a really articulate guy. He’s doing a lot of broadcasting and commentary. He’s a winner and an Olympian. So even though I don’t like him, I do respect what he’s doing for our sport.”


Taking on Glover Teixeira: “I won’t have to gameplan for it. I’ll just have to be aware of it and respect it. In Glover’s last fight, you saw that. He was getting beat up. He had his back against the wall. He was covering up his face, kind of in the fetal or turtle position. He peeked up, saw that he had an opening, swung and got a knockout, which was extremely impressive. So yea, Glover is someone I’m going to have to respect tremendously. He has knockout power in both his right hand and left hand. It’s just going to be a really entertaining fight to watch.”

Jones fights Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, check out our brand new event page to see the rest of the card.

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