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Joe Rogan Comments On Anderson Silva's Leg Injury & His Return

Joe Rogan of course has a podcast called the “Joe Rogan Experience” but this interview came from the latest episode on the Opie & Anthony where he gave his thoughts on Anderson Silva coming back after he broke his leg at UFC 168 against Chris Weidman.

“Maybe. Dana’s a promoter,” says Rogan. “He wants [Silva] to fight by the end of the year. Anderson wants to fight, too, but there’s a real danger of that thing breaking again. You’ve got to make sure that it’s completely healed up before you check it again. [Opponents] are going to do the exact same thing. Anybody who fights Anderson is going to practice checking kicks like a mother f***er.


“Guys have come back in other sports, but those other sports are very different. They don’t involve purposefully trying to break your bones.”


“Anderson should be walking without crutches here in the next couple weeks, then he’ll start training in a few months. We’ve got to see how he comes back. He is 100% confident that he’s coming back.


“He probably won’t fight until the end of the year. If everything goes the way that it should, he should be fighting in pretty much the same fight he had this last year.”

Rogan is spot on with these, if he does fight before the end of the year it would be amazing. I can’t see him fighting in 2013. Dana White is of course going to say he will be coming back sooner than later, but he is a promoter. That’s his job.

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