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Anderson Silva Rehab Update + Donald Trump Criticizes The UFC

– When reporters asked Dana White if Anderson Silva wants to fight for the middleweight title again. Also how his rehab is going:

“He’s going to heal great,” White said at Madison Square Garden in New York following a media event for Saturday’s UFC 169, which takes place in nearby Newark, N.J. “He’s going to come back. The bone will be stronger. If you blow your ACL, you’re out for a year and three months. Rehab is gruesome on the thing, and you don’t know if you’re going to perform the same way. He broke a bone. He’s going to be good.


“I’m downplaying it. It hurt like hell. I don’t ever want to break my bone like that, but he’s got a broken bone.”

Dana believes he’ll be back to chase after a title and his desire to box Roy Jones Jr.

– Also at a recent scrum with the Media, Donald Trump had some harsh words for the UFC and Dana White.

“People are going to get hurt,” said White, who used his own football-playing sons as an example, during Thursday’s pre-UFC 169 media scrum. “It’s part of life. You start taking things away, and it’s crazy, especially something like football that affects so many people’s lives in a positive way.


“It’d be like if you take fighting away. OK, so we’re going to take football away? We’re going to take fighting away too? Or any type of contact sport? It’s ridiculous. It makes no sense. It’s the pussification of America.”


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