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Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis Could Happen Soon

– Here are some highlights from a recent Dana White Q&A session:

On a potential Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis fight: “The timing has to be right. If he defends his title this weekend, Pettis comes back, Pettis fights his fight, and then Aldo.”


On Nate Diaz calling for a fight with Pettis: “It makes no sense. Nate Diaz doesn’t get a title shot…It doesn’t even matter because [Pettis is] not ready yet, so we’ll see how this thing plays out,” he said. “The landscape changes month to month.”


On T.J. Grant missing his title shot due to a concussion suffered in training: “T.J. Grant should probably be taken off the rankings.”


Sergo Pettis who lost his fight by submission in the third round to Alex Caceres at UFC on Fox 10 spoke out:

On how Pettis’ loss will actually help him: “Things have been very easy for Sergio. Not that he doesn’t work hard; he’s one of the most disciplined guys I know, in all areas. But because he’s been so disciplined, a lot of things have come easy. But this really hit him hard, and it’s really going to put a chip on his shoulder.”


On needing eye surgery: “He’s been wearing contacts into the cage. They get knocked out early in the fight, so what happens is he stands there squinting in front of his opponents. That’s what’s caused him to get hit so much in his last two fights. It’s easier for him to look at them if he stays still in front of his opponents instead of moving his feet.”


On how experience will bring more success for Sergio: “He’s just got to get used to the big lights. He’s a 20-year-old kid, and there’s a lot of pressure on him, but I was proud of him. It was hard. He was heartbroken, but that’s the fight game. Combat sports are two-way traffic. If you’re ready to win, you better also be ready to bounce back from losses.”

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