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UFC 169 Set To Move To Sunday If Necessary


By now you all know that UFC 169 is scheduled to take place February 1th, the day before the Super Bowl, in Newark, New Jersey. You probably also know that there is some horrible weather that could be coming in that weekend. We’re talking freezing, blizzard-like conditions (thanks a lot, Canada). If the weather is too bad the NFL has said it would most likely move the Big Game to Saturday, the same night as UFC 169.

If this move takes place it would be a disaster for Dana White & Co. The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event of the year and it would decimate the UFC’s pay per view buy rate.

During last night’s UFC On FOX 10 post-fight presser, UFC Senior Director of Public Relations Dave Sholler, said they will move UFC 169 to Sunday if need be. .

“If, and only if, they move the Super Bowl to Saturday, we will move UFC 169 to Sunday,” he said.

That is really the only choice the UFC has available to them. Going head to head against the Super Bowl would be the equivalent of business suicide.

Watching a UFC PPV on Sunday is something that fight fans are not used to and UFC 169 will probably be one of the lowest buy rates in history if it moved.

Hopefully the Weather Gods will have mercy on us all and deliver some decent weather for next weekend and we can all enjoy a great weekend of sports action.

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