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Travis Browne Says He Is Ready For A Title Shot

Travis Browne is the up and coming contenders who is burning through the heavyweight division. Here are some highlights from his MMA hour interview:

“My buddy told me about it and I just started watching it for a little bit. Yeah, I watched some of it,”

“I feel that defines him as a fighter. And he had these 12 steps and all this other kind of nonsense when really there’s only one step, one thing that you really need to do in this sport. It’s the golden frickin’ rule and that is make no excuses.


“That is it,” Browne continued. “If you make no excuses, there’s nothing holding you back. People beat themselves in this sport. On that night – on any night – I’m the better fighter and I 100 percent believe that of myself. That’s why I went out there and did what nobody else has done in such a short amount of time to a fighter like Josh Barnett.”


“That’s the thing. I think people get worried about that,” Browne explained. “That’s something that I wanted when I was really young in the sport, when I first got into UFC. People would say, ‘What do you think?’ and I would say, ‘I want to feel like I belong. I want people to understand that I belong here in the sport.’


“At this point in my career, I don’t care if people think I belong or not because I’m knocking people out. My performance is speaking for itself. The respect that I get is going to be earned. That’s the way i look at it. That’s just the byproduct. The respect is the byproduct of the performances you put on.”

“He’s the next guy in line, man,” Browne said of Werdum. “I build these guys up to be monster in my mind. I’ve even dreamed about them beating me. I have a mental coach and he was like, ‘No matter what you do in these practices, you always want to picture yourself coming out on top.’ There’s been times where I’m dreaming, I wake up with the feeling of disappointment that I just lost to that person.


“I have no excuses,” Browne was quick to observe. “There’s no reason for me to not put in the work I have to put in in order to be successful. I have no excuses. If there’s a man that beats me right now, there is not an excuse. You are the better man and I have no problem admitting that.”


Travis Browne is 16–1–1 in his MMA career, but more importantly he is 3 fight knock out spree. Wins over Gabriel Gonzaga, Alistair Overeem and Josh Barnett all coming by KO in the first round.

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