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Can Dana White Save Boxing?


UFC president, Dana White, want to step into the boxing ring. Not literally, but he has been hinting that he would like to return to the world of boxing because he doesn’t want it to die.

Whether White can save a sport that is continually plagued by baffling decisions, charges of rampant corruption and one-sided fights remains to be seen. He is currently producing the reality TV show, The Fighters, which will air on Discover Channel. It takes place in Boston and follows local fighters and documents their struggle to make in in the fight business. It also involves two teams of fighters going against each other so it is similar to The Ultimate Fighter.

In a recent interview with Fox Sports Dana White had this to say about his move into boxing:

“There is nothing but f—ing characters in boxing. Boston is an exciting place for this. The accent alone speaks boxing. It’s a very unique, interesting world and this is a look into it. I’ve always got the boxing itch. I’m a boxing guy at heart. I’m always going to be that guy. How deep would I get? Let’s see how far this thing goes. I don’t want to see the sport of boxing die. This is my contribution to the sport I love. I think I can make something out of it.”

Boxing certainly needs saving but can Dana White actually make us care about boxing again? And how will he run the UFC and a boxing promotion simultaneously?

I will probably tune into a few episodes of The Fighters just to see what it’s like. Unfortunately, my love for boxing has been severely diminished over that last ten years. Too many horrendous decisions and not enough good fights have turned me off to the sport.

I wish Dana White all the success in the world with his new venture but it’s going to be an uphill climb to get me (and others) to care about boxing again.

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