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Brandon Vera Talks On Getting Back Inside The Octagon


Brandon Vera and his wife Kerry Vera was on the “MMA Hour”. Here are some highlights of the interview:

When asked if he is still in the UFC?:

“Yeah, as far as I know,” said his coach Eric Del Fierro on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.” He is back in training, but not punching yet. He actually shattered his hand again, same one that he broke in the Shogun [Rua] fight. He had a wire sticking out of his hand for about three months straight and this time I think he took those wire cables out, whatever they were. I think it’s finally healing, but he’s not punching yet.”

Vera is on ice temporarily. He can’t do much physically and the UFC hasn’t indicated what they want next for him.

“As of this date,” he said, “we don’t have any plans for him yet.”

Brandon Vera has not fought since last August against Ben Rothwell where he was knocked out. He is on a two fight losing streak and is 12-7 (1) in his MMA career.

If his wife is fighting these days?:

“She’s always had problems with her back, even before she started competing. I think it just got real bad there for a couple of months. She just took a break from fighting altogether.”

“I know she wants to [fight again]. That’s the thing. She really, really wants to and is trying to get back to normal, to where her back is working the way it’s supposed to and she’s not having any issues with it,” “She’s still a monster when it comes to boxing and grappling.

“I’d love to have her back in there. She’s awesome. She’s such a fun athlete to coach. Hopefully she’ll be back this year sometime.”

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