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Donald Cerrone Wants To Fight 6 Times In 2014 Because He's Broke

  • Donald Cerrone had a rough 2013 and is looking to have a crazy schedule in 2014. Check out his interview:

“I don’t give a s**t either way,” says Cerrone. “Whether I want it or don’t want it. I texted Joe after my fight saying I want another fight ASAP. He said, ‘How does Jan. 25 work?’ I said, ‘Great!’ He didn’t even give me an opponent’s name. Then a couple days later he texted me, I said, ‘Yea, whoever. I don’t give a s**t.’ Don’t matter. We’re going for six [fights] this year. I like money.

“What really happened is I spent all my money and now I’m broke. Now I’ve only got one choice and that’s to fight.”

Cerrone last fought at UFC 167 by defeating Evan Dunham via triangle choke.

“I got real comfortable financially, kinda let off everything. I lost my fire. I was training and going through the motions,” says Cerrone. “With the last fight with Dunham, I was really considering retiring had I not been able to pull the trigger.”

Cerrone is 3-2 in his last five fights.

“No, I’m just out of control. It’s hard to have money in the bank and want something and then get it. I just f***ing buy it. I have no idea what ‘saving money’ is. It has nothing to do with wanting to go broke. I wish I had millions in the bank. I’d never go broke. Let’s get that belt and get millions in the bank.”

Donald Cerrone faces Adriano Martins next Saturday (Jan. 25) at UFC on Fox 10.

  • Speaking of Donald Cerrone, Cole Miller called out Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone on Wednesday night after his fight. He said this:

“I want Donald Cerrone” “Lay off them cheeseburgers and Twinkies and come down to 145 homie”

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