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Dana White Compares WWE Network - UFC Fight Pass

A bit late, but Dana White spoke to the Media about “WWE Network” compared to “UFC Fight Pass” and other things. Check it out:

White on how strong the streaming video quality is: “I was on a mountain in Wyoming and I couldn’t even get cell service, and I watched a fight from China in Wyoming without one glitch. No audio, no video glitch. It was awesome. The thing’s just going to keep getting better, and wait until you see what we have for other stuff we’re bringing into Fight Pass.”

White’s thoughts on WWE’s own WWE Network and Vince McMahon’s choice to use the WWE Network for their monthly PPV’s, causing PPV distributors to threaten to not air the events: “(WWE head) Vince (McMahon) is a trailblazer. Look at the stuff he’s done throughout his career with the WWE and where he’s brought wrestling. Who knows, maybe that works for him. It doesn’t make sense to me. He’s an animal and he’s a trailblazer. It’s hard to doubt Vince when you see what he’s done.”

White on the benefits and potential of the network: “Thirteen years ago, when we bought this company, this is what we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been waiting for this for 13 years. I was saying in old interviews that this thing works all over the world. We’re going to bring it to all these different places, and what do you think is going to happen when everything goes online? Millions of people from around the world can watch at the same time.”

UFC Fight Night 35 went down Wednesday Night and you can check out this interview on video at this link.

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