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Dan Henderson Says Belfort Loses Without TRT


MMA legend and TRT user, Dan Henderson has come out and said he believes Vitor Belfort will lose to current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman. Henderson’s reasoning is that Belfort may not get an exemption to use testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) here is the United States. Belfort has been on an impressive winning streak lately and beat Dan Henderson in his last fight, which took place in Brazil.

The knock on Belfort is that he only fights in Brazil where he can use TRT freely. Now, with his fight against Weidman taking place in Las Vegas, many believe he will not be able to use TRT and will lose to the champ.

In a recent interview with The MMA Hour, Dan Henderson explained his reasoning this way:

“No (he doesn’t beat Weidman). Vitor is very capable of beating anybody in those first few minutes of the fight because he is dangerous and he hits hard. But, I don’t see it happening, especially if the fight is in the U.S. I don’t know, I’m not going to point fingers and say things I have no idea about. Obviously he won’t be able to use TRT here. I just feel his body has definitely changed a little bit in the last couple of years since he hasn’t been fighting here. There’s reasons for that. He’s been fighting a long time and we’ve seen his body change a couple of different times. It is what it is. At the same time, I have no idea, he could be doing everything right by the book and the way he should. Which is what he should have done years ago, as well.”

The fact that Dan Henderson is calling anybody out for using TRT is laughable. He has been a beneficiary of TRT and the practice has certainly extended his career by many years. I have always said that if a fighter needs to use TRT then maybe he shouldn’t be fighting.

Whether the Nevada State Athletic Commission will grant Belfort an exemption to use TRT remains to be seen. But I don’t think Dan Henderson has any right to comment about another fighter’s use of TRT.

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