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Constantinos Philippou Talks About His Loss To Luke Rockhold

  • Constantinos Philippou spoke out after his devastating loss to Luke Rockhold at UFC Fight Night 35. Here are the highlights:

On The Liver Kicks From Luke Rockhold: “You can’t breathe, and it is painful. It took me probably a minute to inhale oxygen again. They were asking if I was OK, and I couldn’t say yes – so I gave them the thumbs up. Basically (saying) that I’m still alive, that I’m OK. The first kick got me, and I was trying not to show it. I tried to push the pace a little bit because I knew the fight possibly was going to get stopped (by the doctor). But it took him a couple seconds, and he landed the second kick on the same spot. It took the wind out of me.”

On Where He Goes From Here: “It didn’t go my way tonight,” he said. “So I’ve got to go back, heal and do it again. Fortunately enough, I didn’t break any ribs. So I’ll be good as new next week.”

Costa is 12-4 MMA in his overall record and is 5-3 inside the Octagon.

Constantinos Philippou has been suspended 30 days, but made 23,000$ for his troubles.

  • UFC Fight Night 35 event drew an announced attendance of 5,822 and a live gate of $231,951. The number of free tickets however was not revealed. The word going around was average revenue of $39.84 per ticket issued

UFC Fight Night 35 went down Wednesday Night and you can check out this interview on video at this link.

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