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The Ultimate Fighter Has Lost Its Way

The Ultimate Fighter made its debut on January 17, 2005 and launched the UFC in a spot they never believed they could have made it. Dana White had a great idea of having a reality based television show and got picked up on Spike TV. He handpicked 16 fighters and two coaches (Randy “The Natural” Couture and “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell who are legends in the sport.

The first season was the best out of all because of the stars coming out of the show, you had guys like Chris Leben, Josh Koscheck, Diego Sanchez, Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, Mike Swick. Seven out of sixteen fighters who made it big in the UFC.
Now at the time they were selling themselves on “reality based” programming and the out of control Chris Leben was the man for the job. He was a wild child and told you what he thought, at the time so people said it was bad but at the end of the day it was good for business.

The famous and very inspirational speech by UFC president Dana White: “Do You want To Be A F**King Fighter?” made the show and it showed how bad he not only wanted the show to succeed but needed it to as well.

I used to love the show but I have found myself only five or seven episodes in then stop watching it and here is why. There are no more characters out there to draw you in so you just fast forward until you get to the fights and watch it. That is the way I am, also I think having it on twice a year hurts the product.

Maybe they have the U.S based season on once a year instead of twice, so when it is on then you really want to watch it.

The Ultimate Fighter has lost its way but can get back to its glory days if there are changes.

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