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Nate Diaz: "Im Not Waiting For a Title Shot, Ill Fight Tomorrow"

Update: Nate Diaz Just Tweeted the following: “Im not waiting for a title shot Ill fight tomorrow….”

Original: This story is really getting around, Nate Diaz manger has spoken his mind on the latest situation involving his client Nate Diaz and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Check it out:

“We could be looking at a title fight,” “I think it’s a smart business decision to sit around for a little bit.”

Nate Diaz manger has a lovely tone of talking or is just me.

“Pettis already said he wanted to fight Nate,” Kogan said. “Why does he want to fight Nate? He knows it’s a money fight. That’s the name of the game. Who else would bring that much money? (Benson) Henderson? F–k no.”

“So now we’re forced to defend ourselves,” he said. “I thought these kind of conversations were kept between us in private. We asked for a new contract. They said, ‘Not after one win. That’s not happening.’ OK, cool, we’ll turn down this fight, which is our right to do, according to our contract. I don’t know how this turns into, everybody is scared to fight Khabib.”

It seems that Nate Diaz manger is just like the Diaz brothers, he has made them some serious money in contract negations.

“Khabib, while being a gangster fighter, he hasn’t paid his dues in the UFC yet,” he said. “Nate’s been there for eight f–king years. Eight f–king years, and you’ve got people on Twitter talking about his integrity? Are you people smoking some kind of crack?”

“We have our story; they have their story,” he said. “If they are contradicting each other, somewhere in the middle lies the truth. Should I be afraid to speak my mind? I’m not. I don’t work over there, so what do I have to be afraid of? What are they going to do?

In All serious it is smart of Nate to wait and get his title shot. Diaz is 12-7 in the UFC and 17-9 overall in his MMA career.

It should be noted that he went on a two fight losing streak and just beat Gray Maynard in November. He lost to then champion Benson Henderson in December of 2012 via Decision.

Him getting a title shot is a bit suspect for my taste.


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