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Silva's Mangers Says "The Spider" Wants GSP When He Returns

This will make headlines, According to Anderson Silva‘s mangers Jorge Guimaraes and Ed Soares they want the “Spider” to fight Georges St-Pierre once GSP makes his return to the octagon. GSP returning is not even guaranteed and Sliva is still recovering from surgery which will take a good six months of recovery.

For years, fight fans and UFC prez Dana White wanted this fight to happen desperately. Unfortunately they never came to terms.

His mangers said the following: “Don’t you think that’s an option?

“Man, if we were able to pull something like that off, it would be a win-win for everybody — the fans, the UFC,” Soares said in a separate interview. “I think that would be awesome.”

But for now, the reps will settle for Silva’s return to health. Guimaraes expects the fighter to begin physical therapy next week after stitches from the surgery come out this week.

“He’s walking around on crutches and raising his leg, and he’s just getting ready to start physical therapy when the doctor allows him,” Guimaraes said.

“He’s already moving his toes. I feel that positive vibe on him, and that’s what makes me believe he’s going to come back even stronger.”

“The UFC has been absolutely incredible to us and given us the best of everything,” said Soares, who lives two blocks from Silva in Los Angeles and said the champ was in good spirits during a visit Sunday.

“The way it looks now, (his recovery) looks great, and he’s only getting better every day.”

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