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Chris Weidman Objects To Belfort’s TRT Use


UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman is all set to defend his title against Vitor Belfort but he is making it known that he does not agree with Belfort’s use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). In a recent interview with Fox Sports Weidman expressed opinion on TRT use.

“He’s failed a drug test before. He’s on TRT now. I don’t agree with TRT to begin with, so him failing a drug test and being on TRT, I don’t really like it,” he said. “So I appreciate there will be a commission making sure he’s doing things right. I don’t have high testosterone at all. I’m completely fine. I guarantee his testosterone on TRT is two or three times higher than mine. I wake up and I work hard two or three times a day. I don’t feel that there’s a need for it, and if it comes to point where you need it, then you retire, you don’t fight. Fighting is a sport where strength is important, and if you’re going to have extra testosterone, especially after you’ve been caught cheating, it’s unfair.”

On this issue Chris Weidman and I are in complete agreement. I believe if a fighter needs to have TRT in order to compete in the cage them maybe he shouldn’t be fighting. TRT definitely makes the playing field uneven. Those fighters that use TRT have an unfair advantage over those fighters that do not.

Chris Weidman is correct in labeling TRT use an unfair advantage but it is, unfortunately, still legal as far as the UFC and some State Athletic Commissions are concerned. Hopefully everyone involved will come to their senses and treat TRT in the same manner they treat performance enhancing drugs.

Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort will square off in Las Vegas, Nevada although no date has been set as of this writing.

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