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Luiz Dutra DQ At UFC FN 34, He Says Kunimoto Played It Up

At UFC Fight Night 34, there was a rare DQ in a UFC fight. The disqualification happened when Luiz Dutra was DQ due to illegal elbows in 2:57, Round 1. He fought Kiichi Kunimoto on Saturday.

During post-fight interviews, Luiz said Kunimoto isn’t completely innocent in the ordeal. If you did not watch the fight, which I don’t blame you. Luiz Dutra was aggressive and landed elbows on Kunimoto, who took some elbows of the downward shots to the back of his head. It was so devastating that Kunimoto was unable to continue, the fight was waved off.

Thanks to MMA Junkie for the interview, Dutra said: “I think he really felt the first elbow,” “I think the first two may have been legal, but I haven’t watched the video yet. I should have remained patient at that moment, especially since he was nearly giving up.

“He knew he couldn’t take me down, and I was frustrating his plans. I should have remained calm so I could have fought better.”

“I was in a rush to end the fight soon and prove that I belong in the UFC,” said the fighter, “I felt he was weakening, so I continued throwing elbows. I ended up making a mistake in the heat of the moment. It’s not acceptable to me that someone who’s experienced and has been fighting for so many years should make this type of error. I always try to fight clean, within the rules. Making this type of error bothered me a lot.”

“As I said before, the error is mine. The rule is clear, so the disqualification is fair, whether he played it up or not. Whether or not he came back, the fault was mine. I assume full responsibility.”

To check out full results of the event, you can click here to see those.

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