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Adlan Amagov Is NOT Retiring


Despite Internet rumors, Adlan Amagov is not retiring for religious reason. He is not retiring at all. He is, however, taking some time off from fighting. This whole “retiring for religious reasons” rumor started with a post on an Instagram account of a fight team that has connections to Amagov announced that he was retiring for religious reasons.

Amagov’s manger, Sam Kardan, told, “There’s a lot of rumors on the Internet, and it has absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on.” He also stated that Adlan Amagov is dealing with some personal issues and will be taking some time off.

“He’s a very private guy, and he doesn’t really want to talk about that stuff,” Kardan said.

Some people even speculated that Amagov, who is a practicing Muslim, was leaving the fight game to become a religious leader. “I can guarantee there’s nothing further than the truth than he’s quitting for religious purposes,” Kardan said. “He’s been religious all his life, and he’s been fighting all his life.”

Amagov’s announcement that he is taking time off comes on the heels of Georges St. Pierre’s similar announcement.

One thing that all fight fans have to understand is that these fighters are people, too. They have problems just like us. They are under tremendous pressure to preform and sometimes they just need some time to themselves.

This does not make them weak nor does it break some sacred trust between fighter and fan. It simply means that they are human. Whatever Adlan Amagov or Georges St. Pierre are dealing with is their own business. We do not have a right to know what is happening in their private lives.

Amagov and GSP will be back in the Octagon when they feel it is the right time. Meanwhile, let’s leave them be and enjoy all that MMA has to offer.

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