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Will Anderson Silva Coach Alongside Chael Sonnen?


Anderson Silva might be heading to Brazil to coach alongside his one-time rival Chael Sonnen. It has been reported that The Spider may decide to join the coaching staff of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3. And he may be coaching with the American Gangster, Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen recently invited Silva to join his TUF team as a coach against Wandelei Silva. Most people thought this was just another PR stunt by Sonnen but there may be some interest by Anderson Silva.

According to one of Silva’s managers, Jorge Guimaraes, The Spider might make an appearance on the TUF set.

UFC Tonight reported that Anderson Silva is planning a one month vacation after his upcoming title fight against Chris Weidman at UFC 168 but he might make an effort to join Sonnen as a coach on TUF.

If this actually happens it will go down as one of the greatest PR stunts of all time. Silva has beaten Sonnen twice in the octagon and leading up to those fights Sonnen had some harsh words for Silva. I can’t even imagine how these two would get along as teammates.

And would Anderson Silva actually coach against a fellow countryman? I can’t imagine that he would do such a thing but you never know. Anderson could alienate a lot of Brazilian fans by siding with Sonnen. But at this point in his career Anderson Silva can pretty much do whatever he wants.

If Chael Sonnen can pull this off he will go down with P. T. Barnum as one of the greatest promoters in history. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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