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Antonio Silva Fails Drug Test After UFC Fight Night 33


It has been confirmed that Antonio Silva has failed his post-fight drug test after his thrilling fight against Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 33 in Australia.  According to reports Bigfoot tested for high levels of testosterone and was stripped of his $50,000 Fight Of The Night bonus. That money now belongs to Hunt. Antonio Silva now faces a nine month suspension.

Silva took to Facebook to plead his case and said it was not his fault.

Clarification: Months before my fight I looked for the UFC doctor Marcio Tannure in Brazil so I could start the hormonal replacement “TRT” which was authorized and recognized by a professional. I started the treatment and 2 weeks before my fight I did all the exams required by the UFC. My testosterone level continued to be low so I was recommended by the doctor to increase the dosage. Unfortunately my level increased too much and caused me to suspend. I only did what was recommended by someone trained who understands about the subject therefore it was not my mistake. I’m cool because I know that the mistake was not made by me, I never tried doing anything wrong for my fight.

And I actually believe Antonio Silva. I do not think he tried to cheat the system. After all, he had permission to go on TRT, just like other fighters. But I also think that if you have to go on TRT then maybe it’s time to find another profession. Maybe you are too old to fight.

The debate over TRT will continue to plague the UFC (and other MMA promotions) until they finally decide to ban it altogether. It really has no place in the sport. It should be included in the same group as steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Antonio Silva is not the only fighter who is on TRT. Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen are just some of the well-known fighters who are on TRT. If the UFC would ban TRT maybe we would lose some popular fighters but I would be willing to take that loss. Other sports suspend and even banish players who are caught using PED’s an MMA should do the same with TRT.

Antonio Silva and Mark Hunt put on a fight for the ages and now it is a little less special because of this TRT suspension.

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