Aug 28, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Carlos Condit (red gloves) fights Martin Kampmann (blue gloves) during UFC Fight Night 27 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

UFC Fight Night 27 results: Who won in Indy?

Main Event: Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann

Round 1: Kampmann goes right for a takedown, Codnit defends, Kampmann goes for an inside trip and gets it on his second try. Condit rolls under, goes for a leg lock, Kampmann scrambles and gets on top, lands some ground and pound. Codnit works to get up. Kampmann gets Condit to the mat. Kampmann goes to take the back, COndit rolls through and gets on top. Condit gets swept. Condit eventually gets back up to his feet. Condit lands an inside leg kick. COndt lands a good combination. Kampmann gets a quick takedown.

Round 2: Condit lands nicely with a  leg kick and then lands some nice punches. Kampmann lands a solid left hand. Condit lands a knee on Kampmann. Condit landing nicely, having a much better round. Kampmann going for a takedown, Condit stuffs it. Condit gets behind  Kampmann, Kmapmann gets free. Condit lands a nice stiff jab. Condit doing a really good job of putting his combinations together, Kampmann much slower this round. Kampmann going for another takedown,Condit defending well. Condit slips out. Condit throws head kick, blocked by Kampmann. Condit defends another takedown.

Round 3: Kampmann works the double jab, Condit backs away from it. Condit lands a teap kick. Condit lands a right cross on Kampmann, Kampmann gets Condit down. Condit quickly works to his feet. Condit continues to land nicely. Kampmann has a lot of blood coming down his face. Condit on the inside, stalking Kampmann who is on the outside. Condit si very accurate, landign a lot of leather. Kampmann is scrambling, Kampmann taking a lot of punishment. Kampmann goes for takedown, Condit takes his back, goes for a choke, Kampmann defends. Kampmann gets up.

Round 4: Kampmann lands a right hand, takesdown Condit. Condit gets up quick. Condit in the center, lands nicely. Kampmann’s cut pens up again. Condit keeps landing strikes, Condit lands two knees and Kampmann goes down, fight over.

Official decision: Carlos Condit wins by TKO at 0:40 in round 4 over Martin Kampmann

Co-main event: Donald Cerrone vs. Rafael dos Anjos

Round 1: they don’t tap gloves, Cerrone in the center. Cerrone lands an outside leg kick. Cerrone lands a teap kick, lands a kick tot eh body. Cerrone lands another tap kick, followed by another. Cerrone lands an inside leg kick. Dos Anjos lands a huge right hook, drops Cerrone. Cerrone gets taken down. Cerrone goes for a triangle choke, Dos Anjos quickly slips out. Dos Anjos moves to side control, Cerrone gets dos Anjos back in the guard. Dos Anjos lands some nice strikes, punches and elbows from top position.

Round 2: Dos Anjos lands a left leg kick to the body, Cerrone lands a jab. Do Anjos catches a kick from Cerrone. Cerrone scores a takedown, in do Anjos half guard. Dos Anjos trying to get up, Cerrone looks for an arm in guillotine. Dos Anjos escapes and gets to his feet, Cerrone lands a nice jab, blocks a head kick. Dos Anjos misses on the combination. Cerrone gets taken down by dos Anjos.

Round 3: They tap gloves, Cerrone lands a huge leg kick, Dos Anjos lands a kick tot he inside leg of Cerrone. Cerrone lands a kick tot he outside and then inside. dos Anjos lands a head kick, partially blocked by Cerrone. Dos Anjos working for a takedown and gets it. Cerrone working his way up, Cerrone lands a body shot. Cerroen gets out, moves to center. Dos Anjos lands a kick tot he body. Cerrone lands an outside leg kick. Cerroen opens up Dos Anjos, bleeding. Cerrone lands a knee tot he body, Cerrone backs up dos Anjos. Dos Anjos catches a kick, Cerrone lands a right hand. Cerroen blocks a head kick, throws a knee and misses.

Official decision: Raphael dos Anjos wins  by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Donald Cerrone 

Bout 10: Kelvin Gastelum vs. Brian Melancon

Round 1: Gastelum lands a solid leg kick, scores a quick takedown. Melancon lands some short shots as his back is against the cage. Melancon lands a jab, lands a kick. Gastelum lands a right to the body. Gastelum catches Melancon with a right hand, Gastelum takes the back of Melancon. Gastelum locks on a rear-naked choke and gets the tap.

Official decision: Kelvin Gastelum wins by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:26 in round 1 over Brian Melancon

Bout 9: Court McGee vs. Robert Whittaker

Round 1: McGee clinches sup with Whittaker early. Whittaker lands a shot to the body. Whttaker lands a nice left jab to McGee’s face. McGee lands a nice jab, followed by a right hand. McGee lands a nice leg kick, Whittaker misses with a left hook. McGee eats a right hook. Whittaker lands some nice combinations, snaps McGee’s head back. McGee looks for a takedown, Whittaker stuffs it and gets out. Whittaker  lands nicely, McGee bleeding from left side of his head. McGee misses with hook, throws head kick, blocked and Whittaker lands another right. McGee lands a body kick.

Round 2: McGee comes right out, lands a right hand. McGee trying to pressure Whittaker. Whittaker slips, gets right back on his feet, they have a short exchange. McGee drops Whittaker with a left hand. Whittaker lets his hands go. McGee stays on Whittaker, McGee pressures Whittaker against the cage, lands an upward elbow. McGee scores a takedown, Whittaker is quick back to his feet. McGee lands an inside leg kick. McGee lands a kick tot he body, McGee lands a kick towards the head, pressures Whittaker to the cage, can’t finish. McGee has a cut under his right eye. Whittaker lands two nice left jabs. McGee lands a solid leg kick, Whittaker working the left jab. Whittaker lands another jab, McGee drops for takedown, comes up and lands a short right hand. Whittaker word left hand, does high with right kick, blocked.

Round 3: McGee lands a right hand, Both men miss with their hands. Whittaker lands a left hand, lands another left. Whittaker lands a left hook, back McGee up.  McGee takes some damage, comes forward. McGee lands a leg kick, McGee misses with a head kick, lands a left jab. McGee ducks under left jab of Whittaker, lands a shot to the body. Whittaker is bleeding, McGee keeping the pressure on. Both men swing for the fences, Whittaker lands a left hand and elbow,

Official decision: Court McGee wins by unanimous decision (27-30, 30-27, 29-28) over Robert Whittaker

Bout 8: Takeya Mizugaki vs. Erik Perez

Round 1: They tap gloves, Perez goes up top with head kick, blocked. Mizugaki lands a big left hand, Perez lands a right. Pres lands a short right hook, Perez throws flying knee. Perez misses with teap kick. Perez goes for a takedown, scores it. Perez bleeding from his nose. Mizugaki gets to his feet, Perez lands a knee and puts Mizugaki against the cage, cores another takedown. Mizugaki gets to he feet, throws a right kick tot he body, Perez catches it and scores another takedown. Mizugaki gets to his feet, Perez gets Mizugaki back tot he mat. Misugaki gets up, takes a knee tot he body, gets out. Mizugaki scores a takedown, takes the back of Perez. Perez gets up and scores takedown, mizugaki gets to his feet,

Round 2: Perez throws a flying knee, Mizugaki throws his hands. Both fighters trade right hands, Perez lands a good teap kick, Mizugak then lands two nice right hands, they exchange some leather. Perez looks for takedown, doesn’t complete it. Mizugaki lands a knee, Perez pushes Mizugaki tot he cage. Mizugaki gets out, Perez throws a teap kick, Mizugaki counters with a  right hand. Mizugaki lands the crisper shots on an exchange. Mizugaki lands a nice left hook, lands again, rocking  Perez’s head. Perez looking for a takedown, gets it. Mizugaki looking to get back up. Mizugaki gets to his feet, moves out. Mizugaki lands a high right strait as Perez goes inf or a teap kick. Mizugaki get’s out of the way from a teap kick. Perez goes for a single leg takedown, Mizugaki sprawls.

Round 3: Perez in the center, lands a leg kick. Mizugaki lands a nice combination and moves out. Perez misses with a right hand, Mizugaki takes some punishment, catches the leg of Perez, gets Perez tot he mat. Perez gets up, the split up. Perez scores a takedown, Mizugaki looks to stand. Perez keeps a hold of Mizugaki, Mizugaki scores a takedown from the body lock. Mizugaki in Perez’s half butterfly guard. Perez looks to go to his feet, Mizugaki takes the back, looks for a rear-naked choke. Perez gets out, goes to his feet, the exchange. Perez works for a takedown. Perez gets the takedown, stays glued to the legs of Mizugaki. Mizugaki finds room and stands. Mizugaki has Perez against the cage, lands a knee, Mizugaki let’s his hands go.

Official decision: Takeya Mizugaki wins by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28) over Erik Perez

Bout 7: Robert McDaniel vs. Brad Tavares

Round 1: McDaniel in the center of the octagon, Tavares lands a head kick, blocked. Tavares lands a leg kick. McDaniel puts Tavares against the cage, Tavares lands a solid combination. Tavares throws a jab, misses as Mcdaniel moves back. Tavares lands nicely, McDaneil takes a leg kick. Tavares gets cDaniels off balance, lands some ground and pound, let’s McDaniel up. Tavares lands another good combination. McDaniel gets a takedown, Tavares gets up quickly. McDaniel gets Tavares against cage, lands to groin, gets warned, but they go back to work. both men clinch after trading, Tavares gets McDaniel against the cage. Tavares lands a knee, McDaniel gets out, Tavares lands a kick to the body.

Round 2: McDaniels eats some leather, McDaniel gets pushed back, falls down, gets up quickly. Mcdaniel gets on Top of Tavares by an accidental headbutt, Tavares quickly gets to his feet. Tavares lands an outside leg kick. Tavares lands another jab, McDaniel falls to his ass, gets up. Tavares lands another leg kick. Tavares lands jab, Tavares lands another leg kick. Tavares wraps arms around McDaniel, pulls McDaniel to the mat, Tavares stands, but lands leg kicks while McDaniel is down. Dan Mirgliota stands the fighters, round shortly comes to a close.

Round 3: McDaniel lands a big left hand, Tavares quickly grabs a hold of McDaniel. McDaniel gets out, takes a shot to the groin. They go back to work, McDaniel throws a three punch combination, misses.  McDaniel scores a double leg takedown, working hard. McDaniel lands some ground and pound, McDaniel in Tavares’ half guard. Tavares looks to get a kimura from half guard. McDaniel lands an elbow, attacks the font head. Tavares rolls, McDaniel lands a hammer fist. McDaniel landing some ground and pound to the body. McDaniel moves to mount, falls in half guard.

Official decision: Brad Tavares wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Robert McDaniel

Bout 6: Papy Abedi vs. Dylan Andrews

Round 1: They tap gloves, Andrews on the outside. Abedi lands a strong leg kick to start things off. Andrews moves to southpaw, takes a  leg kick, switches stance to orthodox. Abedi goes for a takedown, Andrews defending against the cage. Abedi gets the leg, lifts and gets a slam takedown. Andrews gets double under hooks, works up and takes Abedi down. Abedi gets up, Andrews moves for a standing head and arm choke. Abedi gets out and soon after, takes Andrews down again. Abedi in Andrews’ half guard, Abedi pressures Andrew’s head down. Abedi lands some ground and pound. Andrews works to get up, Abedi attacks the neck. Andrews works to his feet, looks for a takedown. Abedi wizards and throws Andrews over tot he mat, Abedi looks for a choke, but let’s go. Andrews sweeps and ends round one on top.

Round 2: Abedi lands a left kick to the body, Andrews lands a nice right cross. Andrews lands an inside leg kick, Abedi kicks to body, just glances Andrews. Abedi misses with a big overhand left, lands a left hook to body. Andrews lands a right hand to body, Andrews gets Abedi against cage. Abedi gets taken down, quickly to his feet. Andrews gets stunned by Abedi, Abedi gets on top, looks for guillotine, gives it up. Andrews eats some big left hands on the bottom. Abedi looking for a guillotine again. Andrews eventually works to his feet, looks for a takedown, never gets it, btu lands a knee to the groin of Abedi.

Round 3: Andrews moves tot he center of octagon. Andrews gets Abedi against the cage, lands a knee to the chest of Abedi.Abedi has Andrews against the octagon cage. Fighters not doing much, Herb Dean splits them up. Andrews lands a big right hand on Abedi. Andrews let’s his hands go, lands a right hand. Abedi is hurt, lands an upper cut and puts Abedi away,

Official decision: Dylan Andrews wins by TKO at in round 3 over Papy Abedi

Bout 5: Justin Edwards vs. Brandon Thatch

Round 1: They tap gloves, Edwards throwing his hands as he come sin. Thatch catches Edwards, drops him. Edwards gets up and puts Thatch to the cage, thatch reverses position, Edwarss gets out, Thatch lets his hands go. Thatch hurts Edwards again, keeps attacking. Edwards tries to hang on, Thatch stays on Edwards, continues to land big. Thatch continues to land from above and the fight is over.

Official decision: Brandon Thatch wins by TKO at 1:23 in round 1 over Justin Edwards

Bout 4: Darren Elkins vs. Hatsu Hioki

Round 1: Elkins comes out quick, Elkins misses with a right cross, Hioki counters with a left jab. Elkins trying to work his jab, misses. Hioki greets Elkins with a one, two combination as Elkins comes in. Elkins lands a right hand, Hioki pushes Elkins back with a left hook. Hioki is getting more aggressive, moving forward. Elkins closes distance, puts hioki against cage. Hioki pushes away and gets out. Hioki lands a nice strait right that snaps Elkins head back. Elkins lands nicely with his hands, Hioki comes back and Hioki hurts Elkins with a body shot. Elkins drops for a takedown, Hioki sprawls, transitions to half guard. Elkins rolls over, looks to attack the ankle oh Hioki. They move to 50/50 guard, get up. Elkins takes Hioki down and finishes on top.

Round 2: Both men start round two off with trading leather back and forth. Elkins goes for takedown, Hioki sprawls hard. Elkins gets to his feet, lands a left. Hioki lands another shot to the body of Elkins. Hioki lands a knee, backs up. Elkins lands some dirty boxing shots, moves outside. Hioki in the center of the octagon, lands an outside leg kick. Elkins lands a beautiful double leg takedown, in Hioki’s guard. Elkins lands some ground and pound. Elkins looks to take Hioki’s back. Elkins ends up back in Hioki’s guard. Hioki uses the cage to help him stand, Elkins stays glued to Hioki. Elkins gets Hioki back down, Hioki takes the back of Elkins. Hioki looks for a choke, Elkins escapes. Hioki end sup on top, goes for an arm-bar. Elkins slides out and finishes the round on top.

Round 3: Hioki lands a n inside leg kick, Elkins counters with a right and left hand. Elkins lands nicely as Hioki backs up. Elkins scores a double leg takedown. Elkins is in Hioki’s guard. Hioki looking to go for a submission, brings his long legs up. Elkins lands some ground and pound on Hioki, Hioki eating some right and left hands. Elkins steps over to move to half guard, Hioki maintains guard. Elkins lands more ground and pound. Elkins keeps landing ground and pound, Hioki tries to get a  triangle, Elkins gets out. Hioki looks for an omaplata, Elkins escapes. Elkins pins Hioki to the mat, pushing head against the cage. Elkins lands some shots on top of Hioki to finish the final round.

Official decision: Darren Elkins wins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) over Hatsu Hioki

Bout 3: James Head vs. Jason High

Round 1: They tap gloves, both guys taking up the center of the octagon. High move son the outside, head in the center. High backs up and quickly shoots. High finishes the takedown, in Head’s half guard. Head works up, Head lands a big left hand. High drops for guillotine, rolls over and tries to finish n top. head scrambles, Head ends up in mount the a guillotine and gets the finish.

Official decision: Jason High wins by submission (guillotine) at 1:41 in round 1 over James Head

Bout 2: Ben Alloway vs. Zak Cummings

Official decision: Zak Cummings wins by submission (d’arce choke) at 4:19 in round 1 over Ben Alloway

Bout 1: Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

Trujillo lands a knee to the face of Bowling on the ground in round 2.

Official decision: Fight is ruled a no contest at 4:57 in round 2

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