Ray Elbe Fractures Penis, Selling Pics to Pay Medical Bills

There are a lot of things I love about blogging about MMA as opposed to a more “mainstream” sport. For one, the percentage of fans who are extremely passionate and opinionated on the internet is probably greater than any other sport. Additionally, it is the true “common man’s” sport, as many people involved are just fans who kept pestering people and eventually became an insider in one form of another. At least I assume (and by that I mean hope) that’s how it worked.

But what do I like best about being able to follow MMA? The fact that, only in MMA are you going to hear a story like this (from TMZ):

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words … and if that picture happens to feature a penis that was FRACTURED during sex, it might be worth a couple thousand bucks … at least that’s what MMA fighter Ray Elbe is hoping for.

Sources close to Elbe tell TMZ … the former “Ultimate Fighter” contestant TOOK PHOTOS of his mangled manhood after his GF snapped it in half during a spirited love-making session.

If you recall, Ray Elbe briefly appeared on the ninth season of The Ultimate Fighter before losing in the elimination round. In addition to that, he has considerable MMA experience, amassing a 23-10 professional record including victories over Shannon Ritch and a lot of guys I have never heard of. But, more importantly, holy crap! What a terrible-sounding injury! I am literally sitting here sweating just thinking about such an injury, and I refuse to watch Elbe’s description of what happened.

And now, as TMZ suggests, Elbe is looking to raise money to help pay the medical bills associated with such a nightmarish injury. While I am all for donating money to the cause (assuming I had any), I don’t know if he’s going about it the right way. I have some friends lacking severely in the moral fiber department, and I don’t know a one of them that would consider taking a look at the pictures, let alone paying to do so. I think he is much better off sticking to pleas on Twitter and hoping the general sympathy of men everywhere comes through.

Ray, I hope you get better and are able to pay off all the bills, but this Doctor is not qualified to help you in this area!

P.S. Elbe’s Twitter #operation[wordIcan'tsayonblog]recovery” hash tag is gold.

P.P.S. If you would have told me when I started this blog that I would have a headline like this in an actual, truthful story, I would have told you there’s a better chance I get to go on a date with Arianny. Which I would have said is zero.

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