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Dec 8, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; Raphael Assuncao, right, fights Mike Easton during the third round bantamweight bout at MMA on FOX 5 at Key Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Shame on You for Booing Raphael Assuncao!

Dec 8, 2012, Seattle, WA, USA; Raphael Assuncao, left, fights Mike Easton during their Bantamweight bout at MMA on FOX 5 at Key Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

It cannot be disputed that there were some violent battles at UFC on Fox 5 last night. Most notable in this regard were the prelim bouts on FX, which was generally the most exciting batch of prelims since the Korean Zombie and Leonard Garcia punched each other in the face for 15 minutes before the lone WEC pay per view. There was one glaring exception on FX, however, as the bout between Mike Easton and Raphael Assuncao did not produce much in the way of fireworks. Correspondingly, the fight was met with something far less than approval from the Seattle crowd which, apparently not satisfied by the thrilling beatings that had come up to that point, were quick to boo the fight for not satisfying such apparent blood lust.

And it’s not like this criticism was limited to a bunch of skull-shirt-wearing, beer swiggling folks at the arena. The ESPN write up labeled the bout a “snoozer” and called Assuncao’s effort “conservative” (which is generally MMA-code for “boring”).

Seemingly lost in the shuffle was the fact that Assuncao took the fight against Easton, a fast-rising prospect in the division, on just two-weeks’ notice. Plus, people seemed to conveniently ignore that,
in his post-fight interview, Assuncao mentioned that he broke a bone in his arm at some point during the first round. Luckily, Assuncao’s brother, Junior, tweeted all of this to our attention after the fight:

Rapha took this fight in 2 weeks notice, no sponsors cared to support him, fought with class and superiority. After all he was the winner!!!

Mandatory Credit: Junior Assuncao’s Twitter.

So basically a guy took a fight against a prospect on two-weeks’ notice, had no sponsors or manager to support him, and fought the last ten minutes of said fight with a broken arm. And won without controversy. In any other sport, Assuncao’s effort would have been praised as tough and inspirational, regardless of the fact that he didn’t go for broke and a finish. Unfortunately, last night, Assuncao was deemed “conservative” and boo-worthy. Hopefully now that people have a chance to reflect on what exactly Assuncao accomplished last night, there will be a greater appreciation for what he did. And if they don’t, I hope Assuncao will accept my attempted apology on behalf of said people.

And Raphael, if you are looking for a manager who has a law degree but no real managing experience, hit me up!

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