May 15, 2012; Fairfax, VA, USA; Brittney Palmer walks with the opening round card for the MacDonald-Lawlor fight during the Korean zombie vs Poirier event at Patriot Center. Mandatory Credit: Rafael Suanes-US PRESSWIRE

Things I Need Yesterday!

I was sitting back, diligently watching the Amazon “Lightning Deals” to see if I am fast enough with the click to get huge discounts on 5-year old DVDs and other crap I don’t want. For the most part, I’m not. At this point I am taking it personally, and want to take advantage of deals I don’t even need, just so I can beat the rest of the world. For instance, I bought a trumpet for 71% off. I’ve never played any brass instruments and have little intention to do so.

During a lull in the deal countdowns, I headed over to Twitter to see what was going on with MMA personalities that would never otherwise give me the time of day. That’s when I came across this Tweet:

[blackbirdpie url=""]

Naturally, because it’s a Twit Pic from Brittney Palmer (and my girlfriend wasn’t around), I took a look to see what she’s selling. Behold:

I followed through to Ms. Palmer’s website store to find that this gem of a shirt is being sold for just $39.99. Therefore, for under 40 smackers, you can get a shirt that will allow you to look down and see the best behind in the MMA business no matter where you go. And you can get it in a v-neck form to give you plenty of comfort along with the great look. Honestly, I can hardly think of any situation I normally find myself in where it would be inappropriate to wear a t-shirt with a huge picture of an octagon girl’s backside on it, absent any other context or explanation.

The only thing this shirt is missing is a mini instructional manual explaining how you can wear this shirt around your significant other and live to tell about it. Assuming that comes with the $40, I am sold without further question.

Get me this shirt!

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