Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida: Fighters, Buddy Cops or Both?

The fights at UFC 154 were great. With some minor exceptions, the card was action-packed and an all-around great time. Some of my favorite memories will likely include Johny Hendricks steam-rolling Martin Kampmann, Arianny and Brittney walking around the cage in their uniforms, Patrick Cote being stuck in the back of the head what seemed like 450 times before Big Dan stepped in, and GSP making a grand return to the octagon.

Even with all of that awesomeness, the moment that got the biggest reaction from my friends and me watching the show live was without a doubt this:

Arguably this is the best moment in the UFC’s injury-riddled 2012. Granted, I don’t regularly follow Lyoto Machida on Twitter out of fear that he might twit pic shots of himself drinking his own pee, so I am not sure if he had previously displayed this amazing ‘stache for the world to see. If nothing else, my friends and I were caught way off guard by it. And it was amazing.

Between Silva’s goofy nerd glasses and playful smile, and Machida’s ‘stache and unbuttoned button-down shirt, I was left wondering whether I was looking at two of the best fighters in the world, a buddy cop duo out of the movies, or both. Tell me this couldn’t be the Portuguese version of Murtaugh and Riggs for the 21st century. I would give all of the money in my wallet (currently $12 and an expired coupon for Mastercuts) to see the two of them drive around in the front seat of a cop car trying to catch bad guys while Silva cracks jokes and Machida tries to keep him in line. I wouldn’t even care if it wasn’t in English.

I half want to start writing a script to present to Ed Soares for his review. It would go hand-in-hand with Silva wanting to take on other projects outside the octagon in 2013 and Machida wanting to look like a bad-ass with a ‘stache. GSP and Dan Henderson can wait.

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