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'Shocking' Upset: Tom Lawlor Breaks Out the Shockmaster!

MMA pundits across the internet (and by that I mean I) had spent considerable time thinking and making predictions about what Tom Lawlor would do at the UFC 154 weigh-ins. Call it being naive, but I limited my thoughts to infamous MMA personalities for Lawlor to mock, because that had been his M.O. with past impersonations of Art Jimmerson, Harold Howard, Dan Severn and others.

Instead, Lawlor shocked the MMA world (pun not intended, but totally intended) and brought out the Shockmaster!

For those of you too cool to admit how great professional wrestling used to be, the Shockmaster is one of the most infamous failures in wrestling history.

In the early 1990’s, World Championship Wrestling thought it had made a great move signing the former fat guy who played Tugboat and Typhoon away from the World Wrestling Federation. WCW’s plan was to have him debut as the mystery tag team partner of Sting and others against a Sid Vicious-led team. He was to debut on an interview segment, by breaking through the wall and shocking the world as the promotion’s newest superstar.

Instead, he fell. And his “magical helmet f”ell off. And everyone saw him just as the fat, clumsy guy who used to play Tugboat in the WWF. Needless to say the character didn’t take off as WCW had hoped.

Hopefully for Lawlor, his mock fall at the weigh-in will be his only crash and burn this weekend. Because if he loses to Francis Carmont, we will all look back on UFC 154 and say he pulled a Shockmaster.

If you are like me and a real nerd, here is a Youtube video of wrestling legends describing the epic failure that was the Shockmaster.

That was your pro wrestling history lesson of the day! Enjoy the day of UFC 154 everybody!

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