Dec 30, 2011; Las Vegas, NV, USA; UFC fighter Alistair Overeem celebrates after defeating Brock Lesnar (not pictured) during a heavyweight bout at UFC 141 at the MGM Grand Garden event center. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Alistair Overeem Returns to Fight Bigfoot in February

According to a report by Adam Hill in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Alistair Overeem will return to the UFC on Super Bowl weekend to take on Bigfoot Silva. This is notable because UFC President Dana White initially said that Reem would maintain his status as number one contender in the heavyweight division despite his suspension for elevated testosterone. The one caveat is that Reem will first need to get re-licensed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which likely involves him showing up for a hearing. This sounds easy enough, although whenever Reem and the NSAC are involved shenanigans generally seem to ensue.

Other than merely having Reem wait for the winner of Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez, a fight between him and Bigfoot is as interesting of a bout that could be made. At the same time, Reem should be a heavy favorite, and in all likelihood the UFC’s dream title fight of Reem against anyone should be protected.

The fight is interesting first because of the sheer mass of man that will be in the cage, with Reem and Silva being two of the biggest heavyweights on the UFC roster and the biggest non-fat athletes in fight sports. This will provide added excitement to the bout knowing that there is enough power in the cage to separate heads from bodies in a way that cannot be duplicated in some of the smaller weight classes.

Additionally, there are sure to be some pre-fight fireworks due to some apparent bad blood between the fighters. Bigfoot lobbied for this fight a couple of weeks back, suggesting that Overeem was made in a “lab.” I venture to guess that those comments did not sit too well with Reem, who I picture sitting in front of a giant plate of horse meat, surrounded by beautiful women, and stewing. At the same time, the trash talk that will surely come out has the potetially to be awesomely hypocritcal no matter who it comes from, seeing that Bigfoot has also been suspended in the past for testing positive for performance-enhancing substances.

All that being said, Reem should be the heavy favorite going in the fight, and it has the potential to be a nice showcase of his scary-good physique and MMA game. It is difficult to see where Silva can beat Reem, unless he is able to put the giant mass of a man on his back. Hopefully, Bigfoot doesn’t employ the “fish flopping out of water” technique used by Fabricio Werdum and he either tries legitimate takedowns and/or takes his medicine on his feet. 

If Reem is able to dominate Silva he will be catapulted to a title fight against the winner of JDS-Cain, which is sure to be a big money fight in the summer of 2013. Being featured in the co-main event of the annual Superbowl card will be a nice showcase for him to build momentum to such a blockbuster fight.

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